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New song...

2008-09-03 05:50:57 by MatchEater

Bitches. I made my own rendition of Zeldas theme. Its all orchestral and whatnot, so yeah...

Well Im back and my shit is better than ever. Ill try to be submitting music soon...Got a new song btw. Click here to listen to it.

Its been a while.

2008-03-08 15:22:29 by MatchEater

Sup guys. Been a while since Ive been on. I kinda went I hiatus to work on some music/stuff irl.
New audio btw! Heres the link:

Love on the Run

I tried to make more of a trance like song. Listen and rate it, k?

Also a very creepy song:

Carnival Nap

Enjoy, and dont piss your pants all over my blog.

New song yo.

2007-12-21 19:19:28 by MatchEater

Well, I upped a new song, "Transform". It seems its doing good. Thanks to all the people who voted and enjoyed it =)
To listen to it, click here!